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Autocorrect, effects, frames, stickers, funny postcards, snapshots from your webcam and others!

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Online photoshop Avazun – is an extraordinary photo editor :)

Nowadays, there are a lot of different programs which allow to increase the quality of your photos and make them much more beautiful. Remove pimples that spoil your face and other skin defects, make the look brighter, change the background - it's not all that is subject to people who can use these programs. Undoubtedly, Photoshop – is the best program for photo processing. However, there are not so much lucky guys who had the time, money and desire to master this program. Don’t worry if you are one of them. This doesn’t mean that all the rest have to be satisfied with not the best quality pictures – especially for them Avazun online photoshop was created! This is a completely free service, and you will use a browser to work with it. This means that you don’t have to clutter the computer by downloaded program – it’s just enough to go to the photo editor, upload a photo and choose the pleasing effects.

Online photoshop Avazun provides a lot of possibilities: you can edit photos, applying various effects - erase wrinkles and mask other skin imperfections, remove "red eye", crop the image or change its size. Also you can experiment with tone, saturation, contrast and brightness.

Significantly, unusual editor Avazun – is an absolutely free service, where you will find a huge number of tools for processing and correction of photographs, and which will quickly learn to use even a novice. Due to the intuitive program interface, you will be able to unrecognizable change your photo, turning it into a kind of masterwork in seconds.

Sections of Avazun photoshop:

You can produce cardinal manipulations with images - crop, resize, rotate, remove "red eye" and change the contrast using the special section "Basic". Section "Effects", as well as the previous one, contains many interesting features. Here Avazun editor offers you to experiment with a lot of effects that can cardinally change the image. The choice of such effects is truly impressive: you can blur the contours, make a blueprint or neon advertising, convert color image into black and white, add bronze colors, get painting image or look at your photos in a pop art style.

The tab "Decorate" allows you to add text, draw, insert-a-face and give the poster view to a snapshot.

The "Beautify" section, which offers Avazun online photo editor, will become one of the favorite for the fair sex. Choosing it, you will not only smooth the picture, or increase its sharpness, but also smooth the wrinkles and "get rid" of other skin defects.

Choosing "Distort", you can squish, stretch, twirl and bulge photos. And with the help of "Geek" - perform smart cutout, recolor and resize. As you can see, Avazun offers a great opportunity for creativity, so estimate it right now!